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Full Version: How To Compile Gnome Application On Zaurus C3200 With Pdaxrom?
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I want to write GNOME applications at my Zaurus C3200 with weeXpc and pdaXrom from
GTK+ is installed and all GNOME libs and includes, too. The package manager says this. smile.gif
It is easy to compile GTK+ sources, because "gtk-config" ist installed at the Zaurus.
But, how can I compile a C-source, written for GNOME ? sad.gif

Can anyone help me?

Best regards
You need the development libs. Get the native-build squashfs, mount it, and you're good to go.

Search the forum for instructions/links (you're looking for zgcc-3.4.6-something). If you can't find anything, I'll post more direct instructions later.

Sorry, I'm a bit rushed now.
Hello Capn_Fish,

thank you very much for your answer.
Do you mean that I have to mount zgcc-3.4.6.squashfs ?
ROX-Filer says that this squashfs-file is already mounted on my Zaurus.
Do I have to mount it in another way?
And , next question, because I am a Linux-newbie: How do I mount such a squashfs-file?
And , next question: How do I compile a GNOME-sourcefile?

If you have the squashfs mounted correctly, when you type "df" in a terminal, you should see a line like:

/dev/loop0 numbershere samenumbershere 0 100% /opt/native/arm/3.4.6-xscale-softvfp

and when you type "gcc" in the terminal, it chould say "gcc: no inout files."

To mount the squashfs, just do a:

mkdir -p /opt/native/arm/3.4.6-xscale-softvfp
mount -o loop -t squashfs /path/to/zgcc-3.4.6.img /opt/native/arm/3.4.6-xscale-softvfp

You can get zgcc from

To compile a Gnome app (without a Makefile or anything), you probably need to do something like this (assuming it's a C file):

gcc -o myprogram myprogram.c -lgnome -lgtk

The linker flags may be wrong there, but that's the general idea.

Hello Capn_Fish,
thank you, again.

I did as you advised and tested if the squashfs is mounted correctly on my C3200.
When I type "df" I get: /dev/loop0 26880 26880 0 100% /opt/native/arm/3.4.6-xscale-softvfp

When I type "gcc" I get: gcc: no input files

Indeed I can compile GTK+ - applications with gcc without any problems.

But when I write a simple GNOME application
(example: gnomewin.c from Arthur Griffith, GNOME/GTK+ Programming Bible, IDG Books, 2000, page 31)
and try to compile it with: gcc -o gnomewin gnomewin.c -lgnome -lgtk

the Linux terminal gives the following messages:

gnomewin.c:4:19: gnome.h: No such file or directory
gnomewin.c: In function ´main´:
gnomewin.c:8: error: ´GtkWidget´undeclared (first use in this function)
and so on

Therefore I think gcc doesn´t find the gnome libs.
Is that correct?
And would you please help me once more?

Best regards
You're not missing the library, you're missing the header.

It may be in an odd location. Look int /usr/include and /opt/native.../include for a gnome.h. If it's not there, you need a gnome-dev package, or just to copy the header of the correct version from the source code.
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