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Full Version: Pdaxrom Developement
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Over the years pdaXrom has been seen as the "Closed Source" project for the Zaurus platform, with just about all Core development being done by Sash with the help of Laze and Pgas. Around late 2006 I joined up with pdaXrom to assist in the migration to the 2.6 kernel series and assist with maintaining the web portal as Laze was phasing out of development due to the lack of time. I've been working with sash on a daily basis, looking at different options and customizations to do to benefit the community and future of the zaurus. We have brought on multiple developers and lost multiple developers due to the lack of documentation and stability of build system. I and sash seen our system as stable (with a few quarks) because we knew the ins and outs of the system, but we finally realized that we need to either move to a new development direction (UME) or start over and document the processes and procedures. Well a few road bumps we decided that PTXDIST is the builder we should stick with and we should start from scratch. Build each component in with the latest and greatest and document as we go.

Currently we are in the alpha stages and we have an EABI build that will boot and function on the c7x0, c860, c1000, c3100 and c3200. (work in progress for 6000 and 3000) and as of now all development is being done by myself and Sash. So if you are interested in the project and want to join the project we are not stopping you, just speak up :-)


PS. I did NOT proof read this (Lazy) so if you see typos, sorry!
I may be interested with my (now somewhat improved, but still) limited abilities.
I have no programming skills at all (unless you count a few dozen "Hello World" programs). But I would be interested in helping to test builds on my 6000. Also, I may be able to help with documentation and howtos. I am also trying to get you a 6000 for development.
By the way, if anyone else wants to chip in to get InSearchOf a development 6000, please see this thread:
i'm willing to help and i have ample time to do so. Just tell me what to do.
By the middle of the coming week, InSearchOf should have a 6000 to develop on. Looking forward to this!!
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