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Full Version: Real Phone Or A Developers Toy?
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First, I would like to say that I have been waiting for the openmoko for quite some time. I was excited to finally see an open source phone, and wondered what the idea would do to the industry in general.
I don't want to sound too harshly critical of everyone's work. It is definantly above my skill levels. I do appreciate the time so many people have spent on the project.

Having said that... I have now seen what the phone is like and have one question.

Is the Openmoko supposed to be a real phone for the general public, or is it just a new gadget for the developers to play with?

I mean, the PHONE takes 2 minutes to start. (Why is the CLI visible during this time anyway?)
Why should a PHONE need a stylus? The on screen keyboard is ridiculously small. If the commands can't be entered with one's fingers on the touchscreen - then the UI needs simplification.
Why does a device that sits in the PALM OF YOUR HAND even have a "desktop" ?

This is a phone after all, not a really, really small laptop. Should it look just like a really small desktop operating system?
I guess I assumed that the new way of doing things had extended to the interface.
This is the hardware for the consumer device, AKA the developer release. A lot of work has gone into the existing software, but if you are expecting a consumer phone this is not the phone for you. The software still needs to be completed as stated in the quickstart guide:

"If you are not a developer we suggest you wait for the Consumer release of the Neo Freerunner."


Oh, and you might want to look at the ASU demo:

Some Screenshots:

It sounds more like the type of interface you are looking for.
The demo and screenshots you posted do look promising. They are nothing like the videos I was referring to. I guess I will keep waiting for the finished product. shows that the freerunner is on sale now. I thought the original videos I saw were of the consumer model. It seems I jumped to conclusions.

Will it still need a stylus? anyone know?
QUOTE(metoo @ Jul 8 2008, 01:22 AM) *
Will it still need a stylus? anyone know?

From what I've read on the mailing list the standard OS Phone/PDA operation will be targetted for finger operation. Some apps I'm sure will have very small interfaces (ports, etc.) and a stylus will be required.
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