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Full Version: Opie Apps How To
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i just found an SL-5500 that used to be my brothers. its running on Open Zaurus and Opie 1.2. It doesnt have any apps on it. Im a noob and completely clueless so how do u put apps on it????

gshray, congratulations on the new acquisition...

1) OpenZaurus has evolved into Angstrom now and it is not being maintained any longer (correct me if I'm wrong).
2) To install apps you need an internet connection to the zaurus, then you can use "ipkg" in the terminal. You might need to update the links for the feeds in "/etc/ipkg.conf" an alternative is the "Package Manager" under the "Settings" tab (but I don't recommend it).
3) You can also download the deb files to your pc and then transfer them to the zaurus on the SD or CF card. you can find them in the Feed Browser.

This is my /etc/ipkg.conf
# Must have one or more source entries of the form:
#   src <src-name> <source-url>
# and one or more destination entries of the form:
#   dest <dest-name> <target-path>
# where <src-name> and <dest-names> are identifiers that
# should match [a-zA-Z0-9._-]+, <source-url> should be a
# URL that points to a directory containing a Familiar
# Packages file, and <target-path> should be a directory
# that exists on the target system.

# Proxy Support
#option http_proxy http://proxy.tld:3128
#option ftp_proxy http://proxy.tld:3128
#option proxy_username <username>
#option proxy_password <password>

# Offline mode (for use in constructing flash images offline)
#option offline_root target

lists_dir ext /var/lib/ipkg

src/gz upgrades
src/gz machine-upgrades
src/gz machine
src/gz base
src/gz opie

dest root /

It seems to work okay, before you try installing anything using ipkg do from the command line
ipkg update

Then if you want to install anything (in this case qpdf2 which is a pdf viewer for OPIE),
ipkg install qpdf2

I hope this is helpful...

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