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Full Version: Music Notation Software For Zaurus?
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I have been searching all the web for musician reladed software for my Z. (SL-C3000) It would be so nice putting little ideas to it while traveling by train or waiting in the dressing room...

Could anyone have a look at small apps like: NoteEdit, MuseScore or anything else that preferrably exports MusicXML files? Simple sound support would be even better. I am very attached to the easy PIM syncing under Sharp/Cacko Qtopia, so another distro is not my first option.

A complete list of notation related software can be found here:

Thanxxx, Barotti
I think you might have more of a response if you give the links to the specific projects along with saying why they might be Zaurus compatible.

For example, one of those is qtoqia compatible?

other idea is to search the forum for z users who mention being musicians and PM the ones who seem the most technically knowledgeable.

That is not me unfortunately. but seems would be a very good tool.

capn_fish does stuff but likes to do things from scratch. see his posts.

OK, to be more specific: NoteEdit seems to be rather suitable, since it is Qt/KDE based. I am a Linux-zero, so that might be already a nonsense statement I leave to the experts to judge. It is a very good and stable package, however it won't be continued for long as it will be followed by "Canorus", which is still in an expirimental stadium. I don't know if a program like NoteEdit can be ported to the Zaurus, but who wants to make a try?

A much smaller example is: 'gcomposer'. Could that be transformed to a 'Zcomposer'? I don't need an extended music notation program on my Z (I have my PC for that) but writing down little ideas, play them back with a simple soundset and export them to midi or MusicXML would be great!

And indeed: are there more Z-musicians out there?? I found a guitar tuner 'Powerchord' and a tuner-metronome 'qMusician' 'but they both seem to be abandoned by their parents mad.gif

And now we are talking music, there's one more wish: a small piano keyboard on the Zaurus touch screen!

Ciao, and a song to all of you tongue.gif
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