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Full Version: C3200 Battery
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Hi - just seen the recent posts re cheap batteries.

I am desperately trying to find a replacement battery for my C3200. The original says it is a EA-BL11. I have scoured the internet (and this forum). There seem to be a lot of BL08 (and clones) about. Are these compatible with the C3200? I also saw a post about having to 'shave' some bits off. What is this about - again I could not find a full post on this.

I have just plugged in my C3200 after about 9 months of use. It came from Figlabs UK (now defunct?) and has the original Sharp O/S. I expect I will be asking more questions later as I now have a few months off and have never had time to 'mod' this Zaurus.

Thanks, Andy.
I have a C1000 which came with an EA-BL11. I saw this thread:

and ordered one. It works great, and is a little higher mAh rating than the EA-BL11. Did not need to be "shaved" to make contact. Search for EA-BL08 on the web site in the second post.

EDIT: read the whole thread for info on possibly having to shave a little plastic from contact area. I didn't have to, but others did.
Go for the original, you will not regret it (although $ is at all-time low):;products_id=39
It probably depends on where you are as to whether 9900 Yen is a good price. Here in the USA (with the dollar being so weak) 9900 Yen is $91.98 USD plus shipping. BraunOni's price is only $36.28 USD with free shipping.
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