Anybody ever manage to get Atari800z (or any other Atari 800 emulator) working satisfactorily on the Zaurus 3xxx series?

I have installed Java 1.0 (copied from the from the 7xx series version) and the Java configurator loads and works fine.

I have so far tried just with cvs 1.25 and 1.26 SDL libraries but all I get on booting the Atari to the BASIC rom is a small 'Atari blue' rectangle off-centre on the screen. The emulator hasn't crashed, since the 'Reset' (i.e. 'Mail' on Zaurus) button briefly blanks out the rectangle before it reappears but no other key appears to make any difference except that sometimes after repeated 'Reset' the rectangle shifts to the left side of the screen with a garbled kalaidoscope of 'Atari blue & white' pixels. sad.gif

I presume this is an issue with the SDL libraries or their configuration.

I'm new to Linux & the Zaurus so am floundering a bit.

Any ideas anybody?