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Full Version: Fs/ft Asus Eeepc
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I'm putting my Asus EEEPC up for trade / sale. I love this little guy, but right now I need something else to get me by. I have the 4gb model. NOT the surf model.

Mine has the webcam and the pci-e expansion slot inside. [rare-ish + harder to find]

The model is the 701, pearl white. I have the latest bios running at full 900mhz so it's very fast. This one will come with the charger, battery, and slip case. I also have the recovery disc, it's a backup, but it's the same disc, since the software is open source there should be no problem with sending it.

This model retails for 400, some people do pay extra for the ones with the pci-e since it's harder to find. Mine is in tip-top mint condition, I've had it for roughly a month or two, so it's still under warranty with Asus. I can load either windows or linux onto it for you if you'd like. I can put the default Xandros on it, or any other OS of your choosing.

Right now it's running the latest Ubuntu.

Things I'm looking for? I'm really up for anything, money.. trade wise, something similar, older powerbook, ibook, etc. or a lower spec'd macbook. I suppose I can take PC offers too, but I'm not super interested in PC's, but i can consider it.

Here are a couple pictures.


This one was taken when I had my MacBook, size comparison.

It's a long shot, but I'd be interested in cameras too. D70 ,(s), D40, D80(i can dream right?)... Something like that, DSLR is what I'm looking for, I'll consider Canon as well, but I am more of a Nikon guy. I used to own a D70 and I loved it, it was stolen shortly after getting it though, I didn't get to have a good bond with it. I've been stuck with a point and shoot for some time, and I'm tired of it.
Here are new pictures that were requested by some people. These were taken 5 minutes ago.

Playing an Avi with VLC - Fight Club.

Another side shot.

The other side.

Very interested in what you have to offer, I have an SLR camera and other stuff of interest, and could put cash on it.

Pm me if interested.
I'm pretty sure he sold it already. But I'll ask him tongue.gif
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