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Full Version: Pdaxii13 Speed On C3000
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I'm new to pdaXrom/pdaXii13 (v2). I recently installed it (5.4.9 upgraded to 5.5 alpha5) on my C3000 in place of Cacko 1.23 beta1. Now I understand that a full X environment is much more resource intensive and demanding than QTopia based ROM and I was therefore expecting somewhat lower performance from my Z. I was pleasantly surprised - the performance when playing video or games/emus seems on par with Cacko (or even higher, but I guess that's mostly thanks to newer/better optimized packages - dosbox etc.).
What I don't get is why apps take so awfully long to load - even simple system settings such as Date & Time, Light & Power take 10-15 seconds to show up.
Another issue I encountered - is it normal for the Z to take 10+ seconds when waking up from suspend?
I know this ROM runs completelly off the microdrive, but still... would swapping it for CF make a huge difference?
I use the default partitioning scheme recommended by Meanie - 1.5GB system, 256MB swap, the rest for data.
Thanks for bearing with my noobish questions smile.gif
One thing Meanie recommended is to disable "scim" if you don't use it.
Go into "pdaxii13config", it's located under system tools. Goto Config tab and disable "load scim engine when X is started"
Restart X.
There may be other things you may do to speed up pdaxii13. You may need to browse this area of the forum.
Date & Time, Light & Power, and Network Settings are based on python. I think this is why these are slow to load.
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