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Full Version: Uh Oh... Trouble!
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so I got my first zaurus on Friday, and found the original ROM was pretty lackluster.

So, I "upgraded" to pdaxii13, but I really really didn't like it.

Now, I am trying to restore my zaurus back to the original Sharp ROM so that I can try to install the beta version of Cacko. I followed these and hit a wall. I finished the first part (involving restoring the NAND), however, I can't seem to get the second part where I need to restore the hard disk image. I think the problem is that the commands to be written in the prompt are written to read the file from a CF card. I'm using an SD card. Could someone help me, and tell me how to modify the commands there so that it pulls the information off of an SD card instead of a CF card?

THANKS in advance!
c'mon, no one can help me out? I think i just need to know the directory of an SD card or something.. I'm completely new to linux, could anyone help a newbie out? please?
I don't have a 3000, and I have not yet tried pdaXrom, so I'm no expert. I know you didn't say your 3000 was bricked, but maybe this thread contains something useful:

It has another NAND restore file to try.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for trying, oak, but it didn't have anything there to really help me out.

Looks like I should just order a CF microdrive online somewhere for cheap. No one knows how to modify that code real fast to simply read for an SD card rather than a CF card?
It wasn't explicitly stated which zaurus model you have. The figlabs site refers to the SL-3000. Do you have that or a 3100 or 3200?

PdaxROM will have repartitioned/reformated your internal microdrive. You will want to restore the original partitions along with some original files (available from the trisoft site listed in the thread that oak referenced or here
the Z is, seriously, quite hard to irreversibly screw up ("brick"), only generally a hardware fault will do that.

doesn't pdaXrom also repartition the flash, so you need to do that too? doesn't it use uboot as a boot loader, I think a NAND restore will fix that.

the first time I repartitioned my HDD I got seriously scared I'd fubared but after a bit of hacking it came back together. There's a patch somewhere which fixes Sharp's scripts to remove the dependency on the "recovery" partition.
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