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Full Version: Gpe On Debian?
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After just a few hours of Debian EABI and Yongun 2.6.24 on my Z I think I have found the best Zaurus distro yet.
Only problem is, I really don't like Icewm!
Has anyone got GPE working properly?
Ive got it installed and the login application seems to work, but I can't figure out how to set it up properly.
A few people on the forum seem to be experimenting, but I've not yet found anything in the way of a useful guide to how to get GPE working on Debian EABI.

If anyone knows of one, or fancies posting their experiences, please use this thread! biggrin.gif

(Just for the record - if I can figure out why my battery drains so quickly, I'll be using Debian EABI even if I am forced to use the horrible Icewm for gui apps - its really that good!)
About the battery: I find my battery dies quickly with Debian as well. I am using yonggun's andromeda image.
I have two suppositions:
- we need to make lower the backlight level, which is easy in X but I don't know how to do it in console.
- maybe by default the cpu is overclocked.

Anyone knowing more about this?
Unfortunately, neither of those is the cause AFAICT. I have my backlight at the lowest level (run "display-brightness down") and using cpufreq-info shows that my CPU is at the usual 416 MHz.

Debian DOES eat battery while the Z is suspended, though. I'd like that isssue fixed (and anything that improves battery life is OK with me).

EDIT: Why would you want to add GPE? Surely there are better WMs/environments for you?
QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Jul 29 2008, 02:41 PM) *
EDIT: Why would you want to add GPE? Surely there are better WMs/environments for you?

I find GPE looks nicer and is much simpler for a pda style machine.
GPE is very forgiving for one mouse button too, I don't like that little widget to simulate the other mouse button.
Im actually more of a command line than gui guy anyway!

But to be honest, I can live with Icewm if forced to (ugh - having to "mouse" almost below the physical extent of the screen to click taskbar widgets would not be fun on a bumpy bus!).

The battery issue is another matter though. ;/
If you like the CLI, what about EvilWM? It's keyboard-controlled, and has a dedicated terminal-launch key-combo (plus a simple design, no eye-candy to clutter your screen or eat up precious pixels). It's also really fast!

For right clicking, have you tried the xbindkeys method?
Can't really be bothered. My attraction to GPE comes from being a long term OZ and Angstrom user - I really like it and all the gpe apps.
If I can't get GPE working I'll slum it with Icewm and just use screen for non gui stuff (thats really the best wm ;P).

The problem is this battery issue though, if there is no solution then sadly there is no future for Debian on my Z, which is a damn shame, because its by far the best thing I have tried.
Maybe stealing the config files from Angstrom would help? I'm not familiar with GPE at all (all I know is that it's one more thing to get rid of), so pardon me if that's a horrible suggestion.
Have you tried LXDE? Its similar to GPE and has a launcher thats like GPE also.
No, I haven't. Thanks for the suggestions of alternate desktops everyone, but I must stubbornly adhere to GPE!
I really like it.
If I can't get it working I'll persist with the console and *shudder* Icewm for my quarterly adventures with a browser! wink.gif
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