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Full Version: Need Help With Netfront And Opera
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I am getting very tired of having to check the boxes for Smart-fit word-wrap and Increased font size every time I run Netfront on my sl6000, ROM 1.12.

Anyone have success getting their preferences to get recognized when they open Netfront again? I found the Settings file (/home/zaurus/Applications/netfront3/prefs) and don't see anything indicating type of word-wrap, word wrap does say YES, but I have to reset it every time.

Also, every time I go to a new screen in Opera 7.25, similar problem. I get stuck in full screen mode when I want the narrow display. Grrr.

For Netfront, go to /home/zaurus/Documents/Web_Files/ and change owner to "zaurus" and group to "qpe" (recursively).

chown -R zaurus /home/zaurus/Doucments/Web_Files
chgrp -R qpe /home/zaurus/Documents/Web_Files

For opera, edit /home/zaurus/.opera/opera.ini file. Change Document mode to 2. You can also change Scale= to 100, 120, 150, or 180, and Home URL= value for Home page.
Ah, thanks! I think I had already fixed the permissions for Netfront, but redid them just in case.

When I went back into Netfront, I realized that there are two dropdown settings menus, IIRC, one labelled "View" and the labeled "Tools". It appears that your settings are only saved if you make the changes by selecting "Browser Settings" in the "Tools" dropdown, which can be confusing. I'm used to Opera 7.30's behaviour of saving the last setting I had instead of making me go in and change it permanently as a separate function. Do I have that straight?

I had messed up previously, making my Scale = 140 in opera.ini, and I guess it didn't recognize that, so I chose 120 or 150 instead, and I think that will work better.

Testing is taking a while. Has anyone had luck figuring out how to get a flash player working in Opera? I installed qflashplayer, but am not sure of the right way to edit opera.ini to get it working. As far as that goes, it may not be up-to-date enough to work on any of the sites I could use a flash player for on my Z.

Is Opera 7.55 the latest port to Zaurus of Opera? They are up to 9 now I think.

Oh, I had set Documents to 1 as that was working on my Collie, so I set it to 2 on the Tosa. Different machines, different settings. biggrin.gif

Thanks for the clarity,
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