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Full Version: Run EPOC in a Zaurus C860 ?
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Is possible technically and legally to port EPOC to the Zaurus C860?

The combination of both hardware & software options could produce a dream machine, like the old Psion 5MX with steroids, colour and communication capabilities.

After years using HP 95 LX, 100 LX, 200 LX, Psion Series 5, 5Mx, Palm Pilot, Tungsten C, Zaurus C860, nothing can compare with the perfect combination hard&So&PIM found in the Psion 5Mx..... and it is a dinosaur.

Any body can bring to us the dream machine?
that would be great, epoc emulation - i have so many apps for epoc that i would still like to use - just about everything thats lacking in my 860 like uk mapping software.

i have actually contacted some companies making epoc software who now port it to the palm/ppc and every os but the z's. Most replies (like tomeraider - said they have no plans to develop for z, i would love to use tomeraider on linux - but its closed source.

I'd be willing to help out with this if there is anything i could do?
EPOC emulation would be awsome for running PIM apps, particularly if it were possible to port the apps from the 5Mx. Of course they would be better with colour and at 640 x 480.
AFAIK there were epoc sdks for linux, but the emulators only ran on windows or wine.

This project would see to make a lot of sense as it would make the zaurus compatible (to some degree) with psions and smartphones runing series 60 or the p800 - so lots of extra apps.

I guess however not too many of those with the ability to port epoc to zaurus would be so interested in the project. Maybe im wrong and there are a lot of old diehard psion users in these forums :0)
maybe this would help somehow - series 90 emulation on linux
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