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Full Version: Snes9x
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I don't think there is any Snes emu for armel in debian feeds, but I found this website - with a snes9x binary compiled for Nokia N770/800, which works on my C3000 with Andromeda/yonggun. Quite playable in a small window without sound - I tried Chronotrigger and Actraiser; when scaled to 2x window it's pretty slow, but with some frameskipping can be considered playable for non-action games. I've also tried Super Mario World - works too, Super Metroid only shows Nintendo logo, FF3/6 only shows some strange graphical artifacts.
Maybe this can make a few people happy, sorry if this is old news.
This is snes9x that I patched and built. This works better with sound than snes9x from N800. If you want to play with full screen but slower, then use this option:

snes9x -h 85 -alt -r 4 -hi -x2 -xs 640 -ys 480 -ns

- yonggun
Great, thanks a lot. I thought there has to be a better solution :-)
Indeed thanks smile.gif Now for a port of gpsp (vba isn't cutting it).
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