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I've got an SL-6000 running the Sharp ROM on Tetsu's Kernel, and I need gcc. I've tried installing zgcc2 I've followed directions for zgcc elswhere, I've tried zgcc from pdaXrom, none of them have worked. Can anyone point me to a simple way to get a c compiler on my zaurus? I'm not trying to compile big awsome applications to run on my Z, I don't need make or ./configure, I just want to be able to compile and run simple self-coded programs while I'm learning C. Can anyone help me out here?

Maybe somebody could compile tcc. Unfortunately I can't at the moment.
That would be nice, but thier website seems to indeicate that tcc "generates x86 code" and I would need ARM code to run on my Zaurus, right?
You are probably right. I didn't read the whole thing.
Here is something else that might work tinycc but the README seems seems to be missing some essential info.
Well, if you're using pdaXrom, the ZGCC squash-/cramfs should work fine, provided you followed the instructions for setting it up.

Just mounting it under Cacko/Sharp SHOULD work, but you'd need to edit your PATH with whatever additional stuff pdaX has (maybe somebody with a beta 1 setup could post it...). I thought there was a Cacko GCC image floating around a long time ago, but that may have been cross-compiling stuff.

If you're using Angstrom, as your sig suggests, you should be able to just install all of the necessary stuff (ipkg install gcc ...).

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