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Full Version: Windows Usb Link Quality
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I've used the USB link to connect an SL-860 to a Windows PC for a number of years now, and the quality of the connection has never been great. From time to time, especially during large file transfers, the link freezes and I have to disconnect the Zaurus to re-start the network.

Yesterday I booted Ubuntu on a laptop which I normally run Windows XP on, and set up a USB connection to the Zaurus. And the amazing thing was, there were no dropouts or anything, just a rock-steady connection, unlike when running Windows. The same PC when running XP gives the usual unreliability. So this is a software issue.

My work PC is Windows-based, so I can't install Linux there, but I would really like to have the same stability as under Linux. Does anyone have any advice on improving the link quality? I've messed around with all sorts of things, including MTU values, and disabling Windows services, but the link remains unreliable.
Does anyone else use a Windows PC with a Zaurus? If so, what are your experiences with the USB link quality?

Well after the problems I had with a 2.6.24 kernel, which caused Windows to reboot when I brought up the Zaurus USB connection, I thought I'd let everyone know that I tried the Zubuntu 2.6.26 kernel for c7x0 and I haven't had a single USB disconnect in 1.5 hours of fairly heavy USB usage so far, which is fantastic. In the past I would have expected to have had countless dropouts.

Many thanks to all those people who worked on the 2.6.26 ARM kernel!
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