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Full Version: Know Of A Browser Or Swf Player That Will Run Flash6 On A 2004 Model (sl-c860)?
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I use a JavaScript that creates a browser window for study similar to flash-card programs, though I'm using what was in 2004 the best unit, an SL-C860, probably by now old-fashioned. As I'm in Japan I don't know what models appear out in English-speaking areas, but I'm seeing other lines like 5000's and 5500's, that look like what have come out since then.

When I wrote the equivalent Flash program for a cellphone, it was Flash-capable enough to do the things needed for such a script as taking text from ActionScript and displaying it in fields on the screen, and showing nice renditions of Japanese characters highly enlarged.

In case you're inclined to suggest other programs out there, they probably wouldn't suit since I haven't seen any that allow me to scan over a list of 50 entries at a time, and revise entries right in their display field onscreen.

Whether it's the ability to write text into onscreen div's with JS, or whether it's the ability to run a vsn6 swf file, something more advanced than NF3.0 would be a delight. Such as a better browser or a Flash player.

Is there such a thing out there somewhere that any of you suspect would run on this unit? If SL-C860 is a meaningless model number, to grasp the platform level imagine the Zaurus top-of-the-line (or maybe one below it) in the spring of 2004.

Any input would be helpful.
The only flash player you'll find for the Z is Gnash, which works questionably. I don't think there are any Cacko or Sharp binaries, though. If there's a pdaXrom one it MIGHT work, but almost certainly not in NetFront/Opera.

Well it looks like I'm somewhere between a needle in a haystack, and an imaginary needle in a haystack looking for this. I'm guessing that I interpret a 'Sharp binary' as the program in the ipk format, the only one that this unit seems to handle for software. I searched a while for good measure -- not a trace of such a thing.

I don't have more than a notion of what Cacko and pdaXrom are, but from the looks of it it won't be to my detriment in this case.

Well, the current script isn't bad -- only missing the polish that Flash adds.

Thanks a lot for a veteran's comment.

There hasn't been any zaurus models released outside Japan for a long time. The C3200 is the last model released in Japan. The 5500 etc are even older than the C860.

Cacko and PdaXrom are alternative operating systems to the one that comes with the zaurus (usually referred to as Sharp ROM). Programs that run on the Sharp ROM usually run on Cacko and vice-versa but a lot of PdaXrom programs are incompatible with those ROMs.
Got it, thanks for clearing the blurry points. Maybe if there's a spare wad of cash someday I'll see what the 3200's can do that helps with reading swf 6's.

Of course the mini-Vaio that's only a little larger than a 5 x 7 card (U-1 I recall its model no.) and runs XP/home is nearly as portable as a Zaurus and gives me all the Flash needed, yet having to handle it like a Faberge egg, anxious about ever jarring it with its spinning disk, is really burdensome in trains and cafe's etc. so I'm aiming to squeeze what I can out of the Zaurus; the feeling of at-ease with its no moving parts makes me laugh when I think back to carrying around laptop-types.
You could always get a big CF card and replace the Vaio's HDD with it (and a CF-IDE adapter, of course). Likely cheaper than an SSD if you don't need tons of storage.
Intriguing -- imagine that, a knock-around PC that's that small. I'll look into that before putting the miniVaio up for auction. Thanks for the idea.
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