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Full Version: What You Do Or Want To Do With Your Simpad?
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Hi all,
I wonder about what you are using your SIMpad for or want to use it for?

We could make some kind of an "what to do with your SIMpad after installing Angstrom FAQ or howto"

Your help is very appreciated.

best regards
mr nice
well I set up my SIMpad for surfing and x forwarding.

I removed the home partition, installed Angstrom X11, installed Minimo, removed dropbear and installed openssh. I now use minimo for quick browsing of any site (gmail, flickr, ebay), or x forwarding to run firefox, deluge or any other desktop app on the SIM.

Minimo is pretty stable - occasionally resets the machine (presumably when it runs out of memory) but manages ajax and complex sites very well. X forwarding is pretty good - don't expect to watch video or fluid flash animation but for full browser functionality and access to all the other desktop apps, it's great.

I've put a how to: x forwarding on the SIMpad if anyone else wants to try it.
Thanks smile.gif
Hello all,

this is my first post here and my Simpad is still on its way, but I intend to do the following things with it:
- put Ångström on it,
- use it as a remote control for an mp3 jukebox,
- use it to surf the web,
- use it as an e-book/cbr/cbz-reader.


with a GPS receiver and navit it could make a usable nav system. Sound output would be nice and maybe hibernation support.

Cheers, Torsten
I read your wiki entry for the mod and I like the mod. You can add navit to the feed wishlist if you like.

I second the sound support.

Hibernation is something I can add if you send me patches for it wink.gif

mr nice
The only arm hibernation support I found are patches against 2.6.11. Updating this is a bit too much kernel hacking for me rolleyes.gif

Cheers, Torsten
Hi all,

first of all thanks to mr_nice for reviving the website (I like the wiki approach very much) and reviving at least one forum.

I used 0.8.4 for a long time, mainly for X forwarding (I have one linux-"server" constantly running for WLAN, pppoe and file&spool services).

These days I use VNC (seems to be faster and I love booting the device and just continuing with the old session)

What I would love to have would be a angstroem-build, where the system boots as fast as possible and only has wlan-networking (WPA) and a vnc-session starting immediatly (no login prompt - just the vnc screen fullscreen).

At the moment I install, upgrade, install the vnc and remove all the rest (takes a long time).

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