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Full Version: New Stable Angstrom Simpad Images Available (including Opie)
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Hi all,
now there are new stable r18 images [1] available for SIMpad.
I am glad to tell you that there is also an opie image for your beloved device.

The opie image works fine except of the brightness control and the two extra buttons (joypad works).

Please report bugs related to those images to the bugtracker [2] and make them block bug no 2186 if it is an opie related or bug no 2595 if it is SIMpad related.

If you want to have some other images build for SIMpad please write a mail to the list or this forum.

best regards
mr nice

Master One
OPIE only makes sense, if a recent version of konqueror-embedded is available. Is it?
Blue Lightning
Yes, it is now smile.gif
dusted of pad, loaded r18, works flawlessly

however there's not much in it for CL4 owner (never, ever buy the CL4! mad.gif )
gpe minimalist fits into the memory, but no serial/lrzsz to upload packages
only thing it does is running a terminal
exactly 2MB free space

makes me want to go back to windows and try one of them ebook readers from some polish or russian site...
but I need the MMC mod for storage :/

guess I need to get back to usbnet, but i've never been able to get that working, and looks out of date
Is 2007.12 still capable of usb networking?
thanks for testing. Is the mmc mod working for you with r18? others reportet that it is currently not working.
usb is not working with r18 because we currently have no driver for it. there was recently a contribution for zaurus and it should be possible to port or use it without modification on the simpad. At the moment I have no time to look at it sad.gif.

btw: if mmc mod is working for you, you may be able to boot from mmc with kexec. there should be a kexec support at the kernel but I found no time to test it.

best regards
mr nice
and thank you for your response
hope i'm not moaning (too hard), but the CL4 is not the most flexiible model
its been gathering dust mostly because of my frustration

but alas, no working MMC
thanks for the suggestion, i've already switched to Familiar 0.8.4/GPE 2.7 again, gotta give plucker another try
just managed to get USB networking up, finally..
i'll update the wiki on that soonish

but about kexec, what would booting from MMC accomplish, more built-in storage available?
I'm not too well at home with kernel and memory stuff.
e.g., afaics there's no swap, but wouldn't some swap space prevent VM (memory manager?) from killing processes so soon/often?
This is one of the probs with the CL4, for example gpe gallery works, but one shouldn't ask too much of it (no fullscreen, slideshows, lots of images etc.)
for the old familiar that is, r18 didn't have much to test on

i'll wait a bit until USB or MMC becomes available for the new Angstrom images,
i don't see what further testing i could do without, unless lrzsz gets back into the image
anyway, me and my pad would be happy to stand corrected smile.gif

regards, Berend
Master One
QUOTE(mr_nice @ Aug 31 2008, 07:09 PM) *
The opie image works fine except of the brightness control and the two extra buttons (joypad works).

Is the brightness control still not working?

Is it just the panel applet, or can the display not be dimmed at all?

Just wanted to try out the Opie image, but I need to be able to dim the display.

BTW No progess since August? I mean, not even new testing/autobuilt images any more?
It is just the panel applet. In newer versions of opie it works. I don't know when new opie releases get into angstrom stable. it works with angstrom unstable. currently the autobuilder does not build unstable images for simpad. I build some from time to time. I can offer to upload them. But for unstable there is currently no konqe.

You can use the stable release and change the birghtness with a command.

echo 200 > /sys/class/backlight/simpad-mq200-bl/brightness
you may also edit the file 0 - 254 are valid values.

with writing 0 or 1 to
you can toggle display on off.

There are some plans for r19 image but i lost track about it.

best regards
mr nice
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