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Full Version: For Sale: 3100 And 5500
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I have, sad to say, abandoned the Zaurus world, seduced by the discrete charms of eee. Oh well, my loss is your gain.

I have two Zauri for sale, both used but in good condition. I also have several accessories.

#1: Zaurus 3100. This has cortez' kernel, 2.6.23 (in flash), and a completely functional debian sid distribution. I've been using it from 2006 until this August when I got my eee. This was my only machine while I was in Spain from January to June of 2008. It worked like a charm, no problems. It has a complete LaTeX distribution, LyX, icehamster (minimo with options), sylpheed, etc. Lots of solid software. I use an Ambicom 1100 wifi card that works, but lost part of its cover some time back and has tape to protect the innards. I also have a cf LAN card, a cf modem, and a wifi card that was supposed to do b/g, but I could never get it to work. It also comes with an extra battery, the charger, a replacement pointer since I don't know what happened to the original. It won't come with any memory cards unless you really want the 64meg sd...

I also have two usb converters, one with the mini-A jack so you can plug in a keychain drive or a mouse (except the mouse has to be held sideways...).

I want $250 US plus shipping, including all these accessories.

#2: Zaurus 5500. Works fine. I have OZ on it from about 2006, and I haven't touched it since. It has a cradle (I think), charger, extra battery, and a car charger. The car charger does not, I don't think, work on the 3100.

I only want $50 for this with the accessories. If the person buying the 3100 doesn't want one of the cf devices I'll throw it in.

Pictures will be on when I can get them uploaded. They will just be the jpg files without additional explanation, but they are pretty obvious. Both machines are shown while running.

Contact me off this forum at As the e-mail suggests, I'm in the US, in Pennsylvania, to be precise.
The 3100 and associated accessories is/are sold. Thanks, Bruce.

But the 5500 is still available, along with its charger, cradle, and car charger.

Someone make me an offer. I'm more interested in this thing finding a home than in collecting a whole bunch of money.
Let's try again here to sell my 5500.

I have a Zaurus 5500 in good shape for sale, including an extra battery, cradle, charger, car charger, and whatever else I can find that is Zaurus related.

I had two people interested, one who decided that the 5500 did not meet his needs, and the other who balked at the very real costs of shipping it/taxes from the US to Europe.

So, who want this, and what are you willing to spend for it? If I cover shipping costs and the cost of taking my wife to lunch, I'm happy. I'll be satisfied with lunch by myself....

What say ye? Who has a project that might run on a 5500? Wanna find out if it works? Any 5500 users who need a spare machine?
I should have mentioned this earlier, but the 5500 is now also sold, and on its way to foreign lands.

Thanks, guys.
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