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Full Version: The "1" Key Launches Dillo, How Do I Stop It?
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I installed xfce4 and am using it now but whenever I press the "1" key it launched the dillo browser instead of inputting a 1. Anyone know how to stop that or why it's doing it in the first place?
What program is that it? I know in Abiwbord or maybe OOo Writer (I can't remember which) and Epiphany, 1 would act as F1 and open the help repeatedly. I believe the fix is to move /ust/bin/yelp to /usr/bin/yelp.bak or something like that.

EDIT: Here's my thread on the (sort of the same) issue:
Thanks, I'll check it out.

Actually, none of the number keys work in X. I even switched the WM back to the original icewm and the same thing. I can't believe no one else has had this exact problem. I used the debian eabi rootfs tarball in the sticky thread. I tried renaming dillo to see if that lets me type a "1" but then nothing happens when it is pressed. And I think the "!" launches something else.

EDIT: Actually, looks like it may just be the terminal doing it. xfce4-terminal, maybe it uses a different keymap or something?
I seem to recall that there are/were some apps that didn't like the Fn key, even with Xmodmap. Maybe you should try a different terminal (I'm currently likingTilda)?
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