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Full Version: Any Hope For Usb Lan/wifi Adapters On Cacko?
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I have recently spent quite some time google-ing and trying to get the following usb-adapters to work on my C1000 with Cacko:

- an Asus WL-167G wifi stick, uses the rt73-kernel module, found instructions and source for the driver, but couldn't compile
it (I'm using eviljazz's kernel and his source tree, and Meanie's zgcc-2.95.2, big thanks to both of them!)
- a Zyxel G-202, managed to compile the zd1211b driver from the sources found on, but "device is not claimed by any active driver"
- an Usb-ethernet adapter using the AX88178 Chip, which might or might not be supported by the usbnet-driver, could not
find out for sure - drivers available from Asix only for 2.6.x, - dmesg says once more "device is not claimed by any active
driver" .

I'd be happy if somebody could give me a hint on any of these devices, even if it is "give it up, it doesn't work" (at least I stop wasting time wink.gif ) - but then, what does work? I could not find a comprehensive list of compatible usb-devices for Cacko/Sharp Rom anywhere.
"device is not claimed by any active driver" is a sure sign that the vendor/product id supplied by your USB device isn't on the list hardcoded into the driver.

"lsusb" will give you the ID of your dongle (in the form NNNN:NNNN), and you can add it to the source code of the driver before recompiling it.
Thank you very much for putting me on the right track, pelrun! Talking of the zd1211b, I had already added the usb ids to zdusb.h, but didn't realize they also needed to be in zdusb.c. Now the module loads automatically when I insert the wifi adapter, and I get an interface wlan0! Now, I'll give my AX88178 Usb-ethernet adapter a try ...
Hey wow! I was wondering of this myself. Any luck on the rt73 driver? That's the wifi card I have also.
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