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Full Version: Can A Card Get "tired"?
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I'm running Debian on the HTC Universal. It runs from an SD card. I'm using a 16GB SDHC Kingston card.

Lately I've been having issues with the SD card, experiencing some ext2 system irregularity, and yesterday the phone would lock up also, the card then having errors.

I thought originally the card was going bad, as I'd expect an SD card to eventually go bad while using it for the rootfs, and sometimes swap.

However, running badblocks on it shows no errors.

I've had some similar problems with it (not only this card too) before, whereby it would show these errors. Then I'd reboot, try to fsck one partition on it starting from another partition, and also fsck it on the PC. It would fail with I/O read/write errors.

However, leaving it a day unused, lo a behold it would go through, no prob.

Now it failed yesterday, same problem, fsck would cough up I/O read/write errors. badblocks then found no probs on it overnight. And in the morning it's fine, Debian is running off of it again.

So I'm wondering, could it be somehow that a card would be "tired", like in physically after much use, sorta like a runner being exhausted, albeit there are no bad sectors on it and nothing, and it then revives after a rest? Probably a dumb idea, but what else could be the explanation?

Or is it associated with speed issues - reading and writing to the card?

And is there anything to remedy, minimize this behavior, so Debian could run well off of the SD on the Universal, without worrying the whole time that it's gonna fail when I'm on the road somewhere?

Any thoughts anyone?
No idea, but maybe an overheating issue?
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