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Full Version: Pdaxrom For Me?
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I bought a Z cl3100 about a year ago in place of a laptop mostly for it's pda and web browser functions. It works well for theses (though I wish the browser(s) was full function) but these alone do not justify the price. I paid the extra because I was impressed by the numerous applications it could have because of brilliant people like you guys in the open source community. I have been running the original cacko ROM which has little support these days and doesn't offer the power apps of the Z's potential.

Unfortunately I know nothing about Linux and although willing to learn it's unlikely i can as I'm in my second year of business school and haven't much time. I've seen that pdaxrom has some great stuff but is it "user friendly" enough for a guy like me? Is there still enough support out there to warrant what could be a risky change of OS? Should I stick with the cacko apps currently giving me sufficient PIM but less adequate browsing and multimedia? Should I just buy a laptop and shelf the Z til graduation?

Thank you for any advice you can give me and thanks on behalf of all other Z users for still being here!
Flashing a new distro isn't risky at all. You can do a full backup of your current setup (different than the "backup" option in Cacko), then restore it to it's present state if you don't like the new distro.

I think that pdaXii13 is stable/user-friendly enough for most users, but only you can judge for yourself.

I also don't know if pdaXrom or pdaXii13 will improve your browsing experience much. For multimedia, you could try installing Quasar (search the forums for it). I hear it's a good media player.

Hope that helps.
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