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Just want to plug my Zubuntu project a bit here as well wink.gif

I'm heading for a 1.0 release. Quite some progress has been made.The LXDE desktop is speedy and simple, it fits the Zaurus very well. Compared to Gnome or even XFCE it is blazing fast, I played around with the LXLauncher as well. I leave it in, but it won't be enabled on default. Maybe it will by the time I get used to it. Zubuntu currently lacks a decent set of PIM applications. A bit odd maybe, because for me that's the most important set of applications when using the Zaurus on a daily basis

For more information, visit my blog.

Keep working! I am really looking forward to see you work on my Akita. In the meantime I will click on your adverts :-D.
same for my Akita !
same here I heart ubuntu and zaurus. cant wait to have this on my akita
Can't wait either!! Do you have some roadmap or simular?
great news!
I am well overdue cleaning up my debian install, so it'd be easier to start with a clean install. And I am sure you're making a kernel which is compatible with android, so that will solve my other "problem".
Will I be able to kexec a kernel so I can dual-boot Cacko?

--edit: I read the blog properly and indeed, your kernel is android compatible.
Just another vote of encouragement, being election day and all! I can't wait to try it once you release it.
QUOTE(espi @ Nov 4 2008, 09:37 AM) *
Just another vote of encouragement, being election day and all! I can't wait to try it once you release it.

Agreed. It seems the final destination for the Z is Ubuntu or Debian (and I've gotten used to ubuntu on everything else), though maybe a cacko dual boot would be nice for use as a media player. How is the sound working? anything comparable to Eviljazz's modules happening on 2.6? video? Is dualboot avoidable?
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