Hi all,
It's been ages since I've been on the forums. Work has kept me extremely busy over the last 6+ months & I don't see it letting up anytime soon. So, I thought I'd part w/ my last two Z's. I have both a 750 & a 5500. Both have been well taken care of. I've purchased/sold several Z's over the last couple of years here, so I know others can "vouch" for me. Anyway, here's the what's included. The 750 actually has a C760 screen w/ the extended battery. It's has zero bad blocks in FLASH. It does have 1 dead pixel on the screen as well. It's currently running the Stock Sharp rom converted to English. It has the charger, 1 gig sd card, & a retractable charge/sync cable as well. The 5500 is running the tkcROM 2 w/ the 2gig sd module, that I posted to the forums last year along w/ the other tkcROM & the stock 3.13 rom. It has a 2 gig card installed already. Both handhelds come w/ a wifi card & I also have a socket low power ethernet card & a 56K compact flash modem. I have the AirCable Bluetooth module. I've used it many times w/ my Treo 700p. It works great. Basically setup a ppp connection & you're off. I can post pictures if you like. They'll come w/ lots of software from TheKompany, & Handango that I've purchased over the years also including SoftMaker's wordprocessor. . I'd like to sell together to make things simple. So how about $120 for everything plus shipping? If you're interested drop me a pm here or shoot me an email. It's nice to see the forums still active. wink.gif