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Full Version: Dead Cl4
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I wonder how many simpads have died from mods or flash-writes gone wrong...

Today i exercised desoldering 8 sdrams chips from an old dimm..
and after that decided to risk the procedure on my CL4

tried to replace the CL4 chips with two 256M bit from the old dimm
i ended up trying to get the old two chips back in
At one point i thought i had it starting (with the old chips again), green led showed...
but nothing on the console and a after battery-disconnect no more response.. it does load the battery though.

i have some faint hope this thing could work again
but only with new, working ram chips
perhaps if i have a surplus dimm and a better desoldering method..
however the board is getting messy, two of the padds are loose, one broke off
tried to patch it up with pieces of copper strip and wire, but.. haha.. well..
i /hope/ the rest of the board isn't (too much :ph34r: ) affected,
it did stand up well against my MMC modding..

But all things considered.. i'm afraid i have to declare another bricked simpad.

btw, 'instruments' included a cheap soldering-iron, needles, screwdriver, tweezer and a big magnifying glass.
I hope you will bring it back to life alternative sl4 are realy cheap now at ebay wink.gif
yes the SL4 at ebay are very tempting right now tongue.gif
but to be honest, i've also become interested in the Apple Newton MessagePads, which might also suit my needs (e-books and notetaking on a reasonable sized screen).
But that means that perhaps the CL4 is best left as a 'repair' project for some other day, and that i won't be trying out Simpads anymore... ph34r.gif

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