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Full Version: Please Tell Me I'm Not Mad
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I've only lurked for the last few years since the software/distributions for my 5500 dried up but, in a moment of madness I've just bought one of these

It's already got xp and office professional and was at a good price.

I thought that I could dual boot linux and replace my 5500 with it as my new toy.

Any comments?
apart from the fact it's ugly enough to stun a Rhino at 200 feet, they do look like good machines
WOW it's ugly! But looks like it would be useful if you got Linux on there. Let us know how it goes.
I think it's sexy! Of course I'm kinda into CyberPunk, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. wacko.gif I don't doubt you could get linux running on it. It's got a VIA C7 chip, the same as the HP mini-note netbook, and it's x86 compatible. Even if you can't find a way to boot from removable media, the new releases of Ubuntu come with Wubi, which lets you set up and install linux from inside windows, and uses the Windows boot menu to choose dual-boot. Compared to getting linux running on a Dreamcast, this will probably be trivial.
You're not mad, charlie...but maybe just a bit nutz..... wink.gif

Anyway, you should hop over to the forums where there's a WiBrain section for guys like you...


Have fun with your new toy....let us know how you like it....

BTW, there's a new WiBrain coming, b1e, I think that has Intel Atom CPU, so more horsepower, plus some with linux on it I think...
ugly as sin, but I have been tempted by this one as well.
Considered one of the best devices "Chippy" has ever used as still returns back to time and time again for its real life usefulness.
Good choice.
Thanks chaps, it looks pretty enough for me but I have low standards in many areas.

I've already decamped to the umpc portal so I suppose that this is goodbye.

Had it for just over a week and like it very much and am still running xp and haven't done much yet as it was supplied with an invalid prodict key which is still to be resolved.

I got a B1s which has a 32gig ssd.

there is a port of ubuntu available but the wiki is all in Korean so I will want to do a lot of research before doing anything because, although I was active on here a few years ago I am not a linux afficionado and apart from installing roms on my (now retired, but nothing wrong withit, just needs a new battery) sl5500 I've never installed linux on anything so I would want to be certain that I could revert to my xp rather than bricking it and it looks a lot like a brick now.

As is often said the screen is outstanding in its clarity and brightness.
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