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Full Version: Partition 3200 Microdrive Slightly Different Than Standard
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I haven't been using my 3200 for a while since I've been using various EEE PCs instead but I've decided to bring it back into service as I've found it's often still handy (and cool) to have something to hand which can fit in my pocket.

Anyway, I've been using pdaXii13 on my Zaurus over the past year or so and I have been very happy with it. However, I've just checked my disk space usage and I have 1.4 GB free on root. Now, as I use the full image version installed to hard drive I don't need to install very much more software so I think it would be better if I could reduce the root partition on the hard drive to 1GB and then have a larger data drive. I'm reinstalling pdaXii13 and I'm trying to use fdisk when installing to achieve this with no luck. It's worth mentioning that I'd like to keep the default swap file as well.

Please would someone be kind enough to let me know exactly what I need to type in fdisk to do the above.

Many thanks in advance

I'm sulking now, nobody wants to help me unsure.gif
I don't know if you wiped your hard drive, then tried re-installing pdaxii13, but there "could" be an alternative method to resize your 1.4GB partition without re-installing pdaxii13.
fdisk will not do this, but you can try "parted"
I've never used it, but parted is supposed to be able to dynamically resize a partition with files and programs residing on it.
Try reading meanie's page, there is a section where he used parted.
As always, you should make a backup before resizing a partition with your OS and programs residing on it.

Look here:
Look under the heading:
"HDD3 Considerations"
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