we bought two, mine got a lot of use, my brother was too lazy to use his and it was used for less than a week before he bought an MSI Wind (and installed OSX on it).

so, an N800 for sale, still with its plastic shipping film on screen*, with all the original accessories including the spare stylus (spare stylii cost a fortune!), the miniSD to SD adaptor and 128MB card (wow!), charger (you can choose to have a UK or USA one), official Nokia usb cable (very high quality), and the cloth sleeve.

unfortunately the box was thrown away sad.gif

price: GB£85+P&P.

*edit* I believe we have the rare USB adaptor which auto-switches it into usb host mode, these allow connection of a hub (preferably powered, into which you could insert a 3G modem), or direct connection of usb keyboard etc.


*note a lot of people think the N800 comes with a screen protector, but it isn't, it gets marked easily, it's only designed to protect the screen until the end user replaces it... that said, I'm a heavy use and mine's still fairly good!