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Full Version: [solved] Can't Boot Into Single User Mode.
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After trying Angstrom with Opie on my SL-C3200, I decided to go back to cacko. I started by doing a nand restore with systc320.dbk.
I then tried to enter single user mode using the d+b trick only for nothing to happen, no SHARP screen, nothing.
I figure OK, lets try flashing cacko anyway. So i start it while holding OK, choose option number 4, choose SD and choose Y.
The screen turns black and nothing happens.

Does anyone have a solution? Could the systc320.dbk be corrupted and still go through the restore? Anything? sad.gif
I'd suggest you try redownloading all of the files (install, backup, everything) and then try the whole process over again. If I had to guess which file was the issue, I'd guess it was the or tools.tar, but I don't know for sure.

You might also want to reformat your card (as FAT16) if it's feasible.

Hope that gets your Z back into a working state.
note for others: there's also a D+M combination too. I think it's all in the wiki!
In this case it seems as if the systc320.dbk was at fault. The copy on the SD-card corrupt or something.
When I deleted it, added it again and reflashed it the problem was gone.

It seems that a corrupt nand backup can cause some really odd problems.
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