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Full Version: Anyone Got A Spare Stylus?
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Hi all,
Does anyone here in the UK have any spare SL-5500 "compatible" styluses that they would be willing to post me? I'm willing to post a couple of quid as payment if necessary.
Thanks! smile.gif
Broken stylus at last? That design was awful...mine broke 6 months after I got my Collie, and I got a replacement gratis from the vendor here in the U.S.

If it is broken, have you tried taping it tightly with clear packing tape? I found wrapping it twice works fairly well if I make sure the plastic portion of the stylus is properly positioned.

But no spares to help with...and I'm in the U.S.

I got a decent metal telescopic stylus off ebay for a few $$. You can also pull the non-pointy end off to reveal a pen, but I rarely remember. If you don't mind it not fitting, you can get ones that double-up as laser pointers, stun guns and nose pickers now! wacko.gif
QUOTE(sdjf @ Nov 25 2008, 09:51 PM) *
Broken stylus at last? That design was awful...

Indeed, dropped it onto the floor and the top cap snapped off... I've tried gluing it several times but it never holds.
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Nov 25 2008, 04:19 PM) *
You can also pull the non-pointy end off to reveal a pen, but I rarely remember.

the sl5500 does not have a pen inside either end, at least my stylus doesn't.

tightly wound tape won't hold forever, but I found it works quite well. It just gets wobbly after a while, so then I know I have to yank of the heavy duty tape and replace it. I put the tape on like you would put a BandAid on your finger and wrap around and around about 3 times, looks like a 1 inch wide piece straddling the plastic and metal.

i keep it as a backup for those times when the main stylus gets misplaced. wink.gif

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