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Full Version: Bmp-mac In Pdaxrom To Play Ape
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The quality of phone-out sound in zaurus is very good.

So I want to enable pdaxrom to support the ape music file ape.

WellsWang compiled the bmp-mac and mac for it.

But still can not play all the ape file. Some ape file works,but not all the ape.

beep-media-player is crashed while load some ape file.

Do anyone can solved the problem?

The package is below.

mac -
bmp-mac_0.1.1 -
bmp-mac_0.3.0 -
bmp-cueinfo_0.2.0 -

For testing.But not all the ape can be load successfully

I test it both in pdaxrom Beta1 with SL-6000L / Beta3 with SL-C3100

The result is below:

Error Message:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' what(): St9badalloc
That seems kind of like a libc error to me (the std:: part at least leads me to believe that). It may have been compiled for pdaXii13, which may have a newer version (I don't know for sure, hence the "mays").

Now for the obvious: These files that aren't playing aren't DRM'd, are they?
The music file of Ape which is can not be played is convert from the wav file what I use EAC to copy from the CD.

And also, some ape files which is downloaded from the emule can not be play too.

what do you mean?

The file must have the DRM can be played? The file without DRM can not be played?
DRM would likely cause the file not to play. I suspect that's not the issue, though.
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