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Full Version: Andromeda Debian Install Woes At Reboot
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Please someone help me get this working
I've installed on the SD and can't do the post-install part after reboot:

"- After auto reboot, untar the modules:

cd /
tar zxvf /where/to/modules-debian.tgz "

What do I type in place of the " where/to " ? I've been searching days for a simple Andromeda install guide from scratch. I've found great guides from all you geniuses like 2or0 and ZDevil but I can't get this working.

• I have a C3100
• The modules-debian.tgz file is in the root of compact flash card
• If I type startx I can see the desktop image and mouse cursor but can't control anything
• I never have had to type or press "1" or "2" at bootup

I have some knowledge and am relatively resourceful, however, simple things like mounting sometimes escape me so perhaps it is a small mistake

Thank you for all you do. We are still out here.
If the install is on SD, why don't you just put the card in another computer and untar them there?
Concerning this issue

If I type startx I can see the desktop image and mouse cursor but can't control anything

Hold the left [Shift] key and move the mouse at the same time then wait few seconds. In many case it was OK for me.
If it doesn't work hit [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Backspace] then relaunch startx.
I don't know where to untar to?
QUOTE(espi @ Dec 3 2008, 08:18 PM) *
I don't know where to untar to?

Plug your sd card on your OSX computer, than look at the mounted device name : df

Than do a : cd /mountedSD
and followed by an untar : tar -xzvf /pathToThemodules
Hey thanks for the responses, appreciate it. biggrin.gif Going to try now.
I'm going to wipe it and try from scratch.
Maybe something is left over from the pdaxii13 install on internal microdrive even though I flashed the correct kernel on the nand?
I don't know. It would be a tremendous service to me and others if someone could help a semi-novice go about installing this. I tried on the SD, I'd prefer to go onto the internal microdrive. Following is what I would try next, maybe someone can point out my failure before I waste more hours:

Would it work or be a good idea if I:
• first used the pdaxii13 installer to format and size the partitions correctly? (haven't tried this yet - is there another easy way to set up and partition the drive the right way? I saw the other thread about partitioning for Andromeda that ipenido started, but it's a bit advanced for me. From what I can tell, I should be starting from a completely blank zaurus with no terminal/shell available to type the commands)
• Then, use the emergency menu by holding down OK, select option 4, then CF
• On the CF I have all the files from the and would rename zImage-debian.bin.hda1 to just zImage-debian.bin
• I will have no SD in during install. I will choose the HDA1 method. Hopefully I won't get any errors (I did at this point previously)
• I will go hiking, watch 6 consecutive Seinfeld episodes, or somehow otherwise spend the next few hours
• Upon my return, it has rebooted, I login as root with no password, I don't know what exact lines to type at this point

I would love to have this working, especially before the holiday. smile.gif
I hope to one day contribute in some way to this scene other than asking for help. Thanks for your time and all the great work.
I did not do the steps as layed out instructions. Instead I did the following steps, has worked everytime for me. YMMV.

Did it in two group steps;
1. Flash desired kernel, as linked earlier.

2. Prepare the "drive" using a linux host;
a. fdisk and prep the sd card (or cf), root ( / ) and swap.
b. mkfs.ext3 the partition's you setup (seems to work better than ext2 IME)
mkswap the swap partition you setup
c. uncompress the hdd tarball onto the root of the sd card (cf is used)
d. uncompress the desired and matching kernel modules to the root of the sd card (or cf)

3. Put the card back in the Z, reset and enjoy. No scripts or things to fuss with, faster too. Be sure to do the file related
config steps listed in the instructions (i.e. fstab, automount.removable etc.)

If you do not have a linux host, download a livecd of ubuntu (for instance), copy the files to a flash drive and fire up
ubuntu. Follow the above steps smile.gif

Hint for root password; open terminal type "sudo passwd" and set one you want to use for the moment.
Thank you Scott, I can't wait to try this later. You should see this Zaurus I got, oh wait... smile.gif
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