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Full Version: Usb Not Working, Fixed (2 Solutions Now!) :)
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partial solution hack link in post #4 - missing kernel module in post #5

I cannot get my mouse, or USB stick to work at all in Angstrom. No wonder why USB networking doesn't connect.
lsusb just returns nothing
dmesg just returns "reset USB" "reset USB"
I looked at the installed kernel modules, and it seems that most, if not all USB stuff is installed.
What gives?

Angstrom version: "Angstrom-x11-image-glibc-ipk-2007.12-r13-spitz-installkit.tgz"

I booted cacko and both of these items work, so my USB hardware is OK.
modprobe ohci-hcd
modprobe usbnet

Those should get your USB working.
modprobe ohci-hcd
modprobe usbnet

returns nothing.
I am root, as I use the Root shell
I also tried this in the other console after


su -
I got my USB stick to connect with a workaround as in this post, but it is NOT permanent, and the commands need to be issued every time I plug in my stick.

There has to be a better way....
I think I found the core problem with my USB port acting like it was dead. smile.gif

I didn't have "kernel-module-usbmon_2.6.24-r9_spitz.ipk" installed
This should be included in the installkit or in the update/upgrade process

After reading through about 1/2 of all the 56 pages here in this section of the forum, I realized I needed to really look closely at the kernel-modules in the "machine" feed.

Now when I have a device plugged in and issue "lsusb", I get a description of the device and device ID.
Before I installed this pkg, I got very little info with lsusb
Now - My mouse lights up (100mA) - My USB stick doesn't light up (250mA)
Just checked my external full sized hard drive (with its own power supply). It automounted with no problem. smile.gif

I guess I'll need to overcome the "100mA" barrier or replace all my gadgets that are rated higher than 100mA
Some of these were rare and expensive to buy tho. sad.gif
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