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Full Version: Running Kde 3.5
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Been running KDE 3.5 for a week now and I have to say its not that bad. Loads and
runs faster than Gnome (which bogs on gnome-setting-daemon), about the same as
Xfce surprisingly. Setting the fonts too 11 makes most windows fit properly. KDM
took a bit and a trick to get running from reboot reliably but its all good now. Will post
some screenies soon smile.gif

Constantly fiddling with gui's for my debian powered Z. So far fluxbox has been the
fastest but it somehow feels incomplete too me (imo). Anyhows tried gnome full and
found it tedious to load. Anyhows it works nicely, like qtopia but better.

Hurdles to cross when useing it;

KDM needs help to run properly
Custom compiled onscreend to run with kde (looses its mind from default andromedia)
Setting general font to 11 helps screen size issues.
dlj0's solution to the graphical login works for KDM;

Replace /usr/bin/X with

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event1
exec /usr/bin/Xfbdev -screen 480x640@270 "$@"

chmod 755 X

reboot and it should go straight to KDM with screen support.
screenshots smile.gif

Terminal (konsole) - Slower than some terminal emulators, but usable.
Battery Applet (powersaver) - So far it has held for the same amount of time as with other WM Combos.
Control Console (kcontrol) - Everything seems to work, altered color schemes etc.
Konquorer at default location.
more screenshots ...

Konquorer visiting my favorite place on the web. Its a very good browser to me, not extremely fast but reliable and
usable. So far it hasn't had the usual issues with websites that the gtk based browsers have. Second shot if of me
posting -lol- accidental snapshot.

Solitaire, its a classic.
Looks nice!

Still too heavy for me, though.
lxde in zubuntu might be a good halfway house between a full desktop-like GUI and a tiny bare-bones system?
Oh lxde is VERY fast, just too lite for me. Near perfect for the Z though. Just not a fan.

Fluxbox is also extremely responsive, as it Ice and Openbox.
You can use Fluxbox with LXDE, FWIW.
Oh I have played with some combos of Wm, Desktop Managers and such smile.gif

Openbox + Fbpanel
Fluxbox + Fbpanel
Fluxbox Standalone
etc ... the list goes on. Most involved removeing the slow filemanager / desktop managers. Thunar, Nautilus etc...
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