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Hello everyone.
I'm running debian on a C1000.
Register, sets the call and answer, but no audio, just a little click and nothing more.
Set the audio as alsa.
xmms mplayer plays with no problems.
ani sugestion ?

sorry for mi bad inglish

lack of audio is a typical problem when you're behind a NAT gateway because the other end can't send you any audio. either your nat gateway has to be SIP aware, or you need to use a SIP proxy... or your sip client needs STUN to get the real IP address for when it registers.
I can believe I miss that point! I was trying to conect tru a a wireless card to my machine, and the
iptables was blocking ports. Tried it with a USB network adapter and it work perfect!.
Thank you very much!

P.D.: Any IAX client working in this device ?

Sorry for my bad Inglish
QUOTE(Kanuvar @ Jan 12 2009, 05:28 PM) *
P.D.: Any IAX client working in this device ?

can only find one linux softphone that specifically mentions iax, and that's kiax, which in fact doesn't support anythign else!

you'll probably have to build yourself if not in package repositories.

let us know how you get one! good luck.
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