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Full Version: Angstrom + E-wm On Tosa
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With help from Dmitri and others working on the kernel for the Tosa on Angstrom, things are starting to get interesting again!

I decided I'd like to start to play again. I was able to get e-wm installed and it even starts up to the point where the language is asked for, but can get no further.

First thing: there is no language selectable on that screen...not sure if that even matters.

The killer: the screen is not registering touches...nor do any of the buttons or keys seem to do any selecting of items on the screen.

I've got tslib installed, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere these things get logged. Can't find anything pertinent in dmesg.

tmio-nand tmio-nand: timeout waiting for interrupt

Don't think that's anything...

If anyone has any pointers on where to start looking, I'd appreciate it.
What about running strace? I am not sure if it's appropriate for what you are doing, but if this is something that can be started from command line, you could see what went wrong with it by using strace.

syntax to put the output on file called /mnt/card/STRACEOUTPUT would be:

strace -f -v -s 100 -o /mnt/card/STRACEOUTPUT e-wm &

Output can be huge, and this might be a crazy suggestion if you can't start e-wm from command line, but what the heck.

Output can also be a challenge to decipher, you can check man page on it and also the "-s 100" can be changed to ask for more or less characters per string output for each line. "-s 60" is more standard but I've found it isn't always long enough if something important gets cut off.

Thanks, I'll try that this weekend. I can start e from the CLI...even via I should have no problem getting some kind of output. one thing I didn't try is to do something like
cat /dev/input/event0

while e is running. I did something like that before starting X, and got a response.

My guess is that e is not picking up any input from the something is either missing or broken. Nothing obvious during the startup of e.
Also, I don't know if this will be relevant, but sometimes I can't get apps to raise properly unless I go through qtopia to start them, the ones not tweaked specifically for this ROM.

If you have qcop on board, you can do that with something like:

qcop QPE/Application/COMMAND 'raise()'

Another way to watch what is happening, if qtopia is involved, is with qcoptest. It's another possible tool that can help you figure out the right qcop parameters to use. My qcoptest page, with limited discussion and links to the IPK (not specific for Tosa, I think I am using the one from my Collie) is at

But I would not do strace at the same time...this is just another different approach.
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