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Full Version: For Sale: Zaurus Sl-6000l
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I've got a SL-6000 for sale on EBay - the direct power connector is broken but everything else works (it can be charged via the docking station) and it has the original box, manual, CD, and docking station.

I'm hoping to get $100 (the opening bid is $75) and would love for it to go to somebody who has time to hack on it. Go to the Ebay auction to bid:

I'm in the US and would prefer to sell and ship to somebody in the US or Canada. If I can't sell it the first round I'll consider europe or asia. Feel free to email me at if you have questions...
Yours isn't the only Tosa with a broken power connector plug. If yours has the same problem due to the stupid design flaw sticking the connector where it can easily loosen, I fixed mine's AC adapter plug for charging that way, by taking a heavy duty rubber band (like the ones that hold bunch carrots together), sliding the keyboard cover out and holding the plug in place by slipping the rubber band down over the bottom end of the cover, just below the joystick. Sorry no camera to post an image.

May be a different issue for yours, but if it's just loose, that makes it possible to run on AC or charge while using the unit (which I am doing right now).

Oh, yeah, I did wrap some tape around the connector cord as well, to make it fatter and less bendable for the first two inches.

Cool - thanks for the tip... I could have used this two years ago (and should have thought of it) when I used the Zaurus heavily and had to fiddle with the angle of the power tip to be just right if I wanted to spare the battery and run on juice...
You're welcome. Is that what you meant when you said the connector was broken? I could tell mine was loose when it was brand new. I don't think they tested them with someone holding a Z in their lap and working with it while on AC. They probably figured everyone would just use it mostly on the go and in the docking station.

My Collie developed similar problems, but only after getting (wince) dropped many, many times, and on the Collie, results were much more severe. I rescued the Collie by rechargine it with Sharp's serial cable, but that blocks the keyboard. I don't think the rubber band trick will work with it as it's body is much smaller and the hold wouldn't be tight enough.

If anyone knows the size of these rubber bands, what they're called, I'd like to know. Need to get a whole package from somewhere, the first one did break after a month or two.

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