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Full Version: C3100 And Zubuntu With Swap On Hard Drive
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Sorry for the total noob question but here goes.

I have installed Zubuntu to the SD card. Followed the instructions to move to the internal flash but I do not see the selection for the boot to internal flash.

Also how do I point the swap, var and usr to the internal hard drive since the SD card I have is very slow.

Please be very detailed since I am lost.

For the internal flash part, you may need to make files in /boot as described in one of the other threads (just look in the SD card's /boot to get what they look like, copy them over, and modify as necessary).

For moving /usr, /var, and swap to the hard disk:

Make 4 partitions (2x ext3, 1x swap, 1 whatever for data)
Copy /usr/* to one of the ext3 ones
Copy /var/* to the other ext3 one
Edit /etc/fstab with the new mount points

I think that should work.
Thanks for the help. I am going to give this a try...

any chance you could paste in a sample of the fstab file just as a sample

Sure. Here are sample lines for it:

/dev/hda1               /usr               ext2            defaults,noatime         0 0
/dev/hda2               /var               ext2            defaults,noatime         0 0
/dev/hda3               /mnt/data       ext2            defaults,noatime         0 0
/dev/hda4               none              swap            sw                            0 0

You can obviously adjust them as needed. They're pretty self-explanatory.
Thank you very much for the help... It seems that this C3100 for me is a moving target.

I have since gotten zubuntu on the SD card and cacko on the NAND so I might stick with that once I get a faster SD card.

again thanks for the help.

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