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Full Version: Help! Blew Something In Charging Circuit Sl-6000
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HI all;

In a momnetary lapse of judgement, I attached my SL-6000 directly to a 12v power source. The screen got brighter, and then a pop. The unit still worked while the battery had juice, but it won't accept a charge. I imagine there is a fuse or capacitor blown inside, but a look over did not spot anything obvious.

Does anyone have any insight? I don't do small board sodering, but I know people who do, if I can get them pointed in the right direction.

Waiting hopefully,
if you're in luck then you only blew the surface mount fuse on the board. I don't recall anyone having to repair a Tosa's fuse, but there's quite a few people who've done if for the 7xx, 8xx, 1000 and 3xxx, just need to search forum for those threads and there's going to be a picture of a fuse somewhere
It would be worthwhile to test a different battery. Li-ion batteries have an internal safety circuit, so you may have blown it. I would try that before even considering replacing a surface-mount fuse.
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