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Full Version: KO/Pi can sync with iCal
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In case nobody else noticed, KO/Pi (KOrganizer/Platform-independent) for Zaurus can sync with OS X iCal.

The way the syncing works: KOrganizer copies the iCal calendar file to the Zaurus, syncs it with KOrganizer's calendar, then copies the resulting file back to iCal.

You will need a newer version of KO/Pi (1.6.3b or newer). You have to setup synchronization via ssh/scp, as described here:

The calendar file for iCal is located under ~/Library/Calendars/Home.ics (assuming that you want to sync with the default Home calendar).

IMPORTANT: Before syncing for the first time, you MUST add a X-WR-RELCALID tag to the KOrganizer mycalendar.ics file, or else iCal will change the UID number of all entries, causing duplicates. The X-WR-RELCALID tag should be in the header of the mycalendar.ics file, before the first VTODO/VEVENT tag. For example:



:-//K Desktop Environment//NONSGML libkcal 3.1//EN










Note that the value for X-WR-RELCALID can be anything, though it should probably be a real UID. I would recommend just copying the information from your iCal Home.ics file. Also note the other X-WR tags... I don't know if iCal really needs them or not, but to be safe, I added them to my mycalendar.ics file.

Another important note is to make sure that iCal is closed when you sync, as iCal does not appear to write its *.ics file until the application is closed.

I just got this working last night, so I don't know how well it really works. So far it seems fine. However, I would strongly suggest backing up your calendars on both sides to be safe. In fact, you may want to continue backing up your calendars on a regular basis, just as an added precaution.

Note that when syncing, at least in my case, there seems to be a bit of a delay between the 'Copy succeeded' and 'Sync completed successfully'. Make sure that the sync has completed before reopening iCal.

For those that are switching from a DTM-based calendar program (such as the default C7xx/8xx calendar app), the latest version of KO/Pi (1.6.5a) claims to be able to import DTM data.

While it's not iSync, this seems to do the trick.

Good luck.

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan
Yeah, I've been using it for a while now with my Mac. It's great. Now all we need is an address book for the Z that can import and export vcards. Any idea if there's an open source address book that can be ported to the Z? I've looked, but haven't found anything.
Work is being done to port KAddressbook (KA/Pi), but the estimated availability date is currently listed as "End of 2004":

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan

there is already another guy working on the port of the KAdressbook. I do not know the exactly progress of his work, but I would estimate, that KAdressbook is available in 1-3 month.
We are currently setting up a common project at sourceforge, it is called kdepimpi (KDE Pim platform-independent).

you have written a nice howto in this thread.
Am I allowed to put this text on my website? As a Howto-Mac-iCal?

kdepimpi? Heh, why not just call it KDE-Pimp (^_^)

zautrix: sure, feel free to use it.

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan
For those that are switching from a DTM-based calendar program (such as the default C7xx/8xx calendar app), the latest version of KO/Pi (1.6.5a) claims to be able to import DTM data.

To dump out Sharp PIM DTM-format calendar/todo info and import it into KO/PI, this can already be done using zical, as described at:

Zical can be downloaded from here. OK, the page is in Japanese, but the link to the Zicak ipk is in English, so it is easy to spot. In fact, the procedure is even easier than described - you don't need to run wget at all. After running the export from Zical, the data is written to a file /home/zaurus/zaurus.ics (if I remember correctly - somewhere under /home/zaurus anyway, try 'find /home/zaurus -name *.ics' if I have mis-remembered it). This can be loaded into KO/Pi directly.

Roll on KA/Pi - I'm really looking forward to junking the Sharp PIM's completely.

I've found that the latest version of KO/Pi doesn't support two-byte charaters (such as those for Japanese characters). Since I keep my contacts and calendar records on my Zaurus in both languages, I don't believe that I can use KO/Pi. Instead, I am content--for the time being--with using ZiCal. I expect that a Japanese company or programmer will likely produce an operable sync for Mac/SL-series Zaurus sometime in the near future, but I do not know of anything specific.
In the latest version, KO/Pi does not remove the X-WR-RELCALID after syncing, even if the KO/Pi file has no such entry.
zIcal does not work 100% properly.
Such that it is no real good way to get the data into KO/Pi.
Maybe it would be a good idea to send me a datailed description of your problem including some test files.

KO/Pi almost supports Japanese. I can input Japanese in the Todo list, Categories and the Journal and it works fine as long as KO/Pi is running. If you quit and relaunch then the Japanese characters get mangled in the Todo and Journal entries. The Category entry is fine. This suggests that the characters are only getting mangled when the entries are either written and/or read to/from disk.[/b]
In syncing (I have not been able to get the network sync to work yet, so I simply copy over the iCal file to the Z and then sync) I notice that the times are not quite in sync. If I leave the time zone setting on the default Oslo (I am in the US) then the info is imported into Korganizer fine, but dates from korganizer to ical are 7 hours or so off. If I change the time zone to U.S. eastern coast, the exact opposite is true. Is there any way to fix this so I can enter data into both calendars and sync? Is this a problem with the sync directly with the file on my mac? thanks.
but dates from korganizer to ical are 7 hours or so off.  

I would guess you have to set the correct time zone or so.
but dates from korganizer to ical are 7 hours or so off.  

I would guess you have to set the correct time zone or so.

The problem is that I believe iCal and Korganizer determine time differently (I forget exactly how, but I think one writes the time to the file as a gmt, and the other adds or subtracts the hours before writing the time to the file) so even when they have the same timezone listed, they will not sync times correctly.
I've spent far too long getting KO/PI and OS X (iCal) to sync. I had installed the ethernet over USB

Then installed ssh

But still KO/PI errored when I tried to sync. The problem was that, OS X was insisting on a password for ssh. Got round this by reading this URL

- I hope this helps someone.
Everything was working fine for me, but now, I cannot add anything to the calendar on my mac, or the Zaurus quits during the sync. Anyone have this happen before?
The problem is in the libical - the library which actually reads the ics file.
In many cases, if libical cannot handle an entry in the ics file, it just crashes.

There is already a newer version of libical available at sourceforge.

If I have some time, I will try to use this newer version of libical in KO/Pi.
And I hope, then KO/Pi will not crash so much when reading "unexpected" entries in ics files.

Thanks...Can I just instal the new version myself to prevent this?
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