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I now now have Jaunty booting on my c3000 using zubuntu-desktop-jaunty-rootfs_feb.2009-rev-armel.tar.bz2 which I installed using the D+B emergency boot method described above albeit with a few small additional steps I'm just about to detail- sorry for not searching this forum first as my question had been answered but my trial and error could've been avoided if post #1 of this thread gave fuller instructions and/or cortez fleshed out his install guide for zubuntu with the things that tripped me up. I found the necessary mknod commands buried in a thread on this forum- apparently they were found in some comments on the omegamoon site but I never saw them. I've not got to properly play with it yet but first impressions are very, very good! I know zubuntu has been around for a year or so now (I was Z'less when it got released) but it seems a shame to me that this should happen so late to the life of the Spitz- after manufacturing of the Zaurus had stopped no less as this is the Linux experience I wanted 'out-of-the-box' when I first got my hands on a Z. Shame on you Sharp and big thanks to Cortez, same, kexec/ Angstrom devs, Ubuntu community and everyone who did help bring Ubuntu to the Z!

Previously, the best 'desktop Linux' distro I'd had working on my spitz was pdaXii13, which feels like computing in treacle compared to zubuntu. An unmodified pdaXii13v2 (5.5.0a) takes just under 3m 30s to boot to X from power on- zubuntu takes about 55s which is honestly as good a boot time as booting Jaunty (with GNOME, though) on my Core 2 Duo laptop, which also takes just about 1m to boot from grub. pdaXii13 consumes pretty much every K of your RAM and after booting to X as you have less than 3MB RAM free whereas zubuntu leaves you a whopping (in comparison) 25MB RAM to play with after loading X and rxvt! Obviously this makes a massive difference to general performance and load times.

I have got zubuntu jaunty to boot using spitz-root-addition-v2.0.tar.gz although it creates more errors at boot time and X isn't guaranteed to work either- it won't start more often than not (complains of an Xinput Extension problem of some sort) so you want to stick with the spitz-root-addition.tar.gz used with 1.0RC for use with zubuntu-desktop-jaunty-rootfs_feb.2009-rev-armel.tar.bz2 .

I think my 'unable to open initial console error' is only experienced by those installing zubuntu onto internal CF/ Microdrive, so if you are doing so then after having done 'tar xpzvf /cf/spitz-root-addition.tar.gz -C /hdd1' you need to do:

cd /hdd1/dev
mknod -m 660 console c 5 1
mknod -m 660 null c 1 3
mknod -m 660 rtc c 10 135

Before unmounting the drives and rebooting.

When you boot for the first time, zubuntu will only get as far as its fake 'Loading' splash screen and X will fail to load- you need to disable the fake splash which you do by pushing CTRL+ALT (button just to the right of Ctrl) + 2 once drive activity has ceased to switch to the second virtual terminal. Login as root then type:

nano /boot/kernel-cmdline

and change psplash's value to 'false'. Save (CTRL+O), quit (CTRL+X), reboot and enjoy!

PS Cortez and OP - I'd appreciate it if you could update your install guides with this info so no-one else has to loose multiple days searching and experimenting to get off the ground with zubuntu - thanks!