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Full Version: Ubuntu Netbook Remix
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Has anyone tried to install the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Zubuntu?
Installing the whole metapackage takes up a LOT of space (~1GB, according to apt's prediction), so I'm trying out just the launcher ATM.

EDIT: It wants an Xserver with GLX support. Time to install Xorg...

EDIT2: OK, it's working, now to reboot into a kernel with a functioning TS...

EDIT3: Current impressions:
-It can't load a ton of SVG files for some reason
-It takes forever to load
-It doesn't do anything AFAICT
I tried Netbook Remix some months ago, but as Capn_Fish said it needs GLX support.
As a result of that, it's terribly slooooow!

So don't even think about using it, it's (at least currently) not worth the effort.
If you want to use a launcher, try lxlauncher instead. It may not be as good looking as Netbook Remix, but it's useable!

Also, if you're looking for splash and dash, there are apps like PieDock and WBar that work nicely on the Z:


Thanks Capn Fish!

I downloaded the wbar deb package, but looks like it's not suitable for arm processor.

Do I need to download the source code and compile it for zubuntu?

If yes, can somebody show me the steps please?
Try the IPK from my feed (see my sig). Just extract it anywhere (with "tar -xf wbar...ipk") then cd to / and extract data.tar.gz ("cd /; tar -xf /path/to/data.tar.gz").

You could also try extracting it somewhere else if you don't want to bother with trying to remove the files should something go wrong.
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