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Full Version: Best File System To Format Sd Card
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I recently acquired a c700 with Cacko installed. It appears to have a minimal set of applications installed. I have installed and have working the Pelrun 2g+ mmcd driver and a 2g SD card formatted as fat16. I would like to be able to run installed software from the SD card and would think that an advanced file system would be required so that the attributes the linux depends on could be preserved and read. The jffs2 file system is the default for the resident flash memory. Is ext[2-3] sufficient? I am searching this forum and getting threads that discuss multi-partition cards with fat16 and ext2. Is there a recent thread that discusses the pro's and cons?

I prefer using google to search oesf. Try the following search, which turns up good threads and a how-to: partition fat16 ext2 OR ext3

Be sure to put the "" in with no spaces, and to capitalize the "OR".

Thanks sdjf.
Well, using the helpful search hint above I was able to get answers to my initial question and also to be able to format my SD card with 2 partitions and have my Cacko Rom mount both automatically on insert or unmount automatically with the Pclink tool. The first partition is formatted Fat and the second ext2. I've had my C700 a month now and I am still trying to access how I will use it. It was free to me so I can't complain.
One thing that I have noticed about the threads with helpful posts is the lack of follow up confirmation of things that work. I would like to post in a new thread what posts were helpful to me and links to those posts and also the modifications I made beyond what was done in those prior threads. I am unsure as to whether I should post my mods to others prior work in a new thread and link back to them or to post the mods to the original thread and link back. A lot of the helpful threads have been dead for 2 or 3 years.

Well onward
it's very good that you want to post followups to give feedback, yes, too often people don't.

it's actually OK, IMHO, to post to a very old thread. one good thing about this forum is that it's full of very valuable information, and adding to it really does help the community.
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