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Full Version: Mail Continually Downloads Same Messages.
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Hi ,

i have just reinstalled Cacko and trying to get it set up.

I can connect through my phone for internet and e-mail

but the mail program continually downloads the same messages each time I connect.

Any way to stop this as it is really annoying.


Usually, there is an option in the mail setup to delete the messages from the the mail server upon download or leave the originals there. So under the Account heading in the Mail program drop down list open the Incoming Tab and at the bottom check the box "Delete from Server".

It would be nice to have the Download headers only feature. That way you could quickly scroll to the latest posts and download only those. There may be other mail programs that have more advanced features, search the forum and see what turns up.
It also may be a function of what email server you are using. If gmail, there is a setting to only download new messarges, or starting now, I don't recall the exact phrase.

Also, I don't know what you have as email for Cacko, but IIRC, if you are using IMAP, it doesn't behave the same as POP mail. That may be another factor.

I like leaving email on the server so I can access it again if I need to later, even after erasing from my Z.

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