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Full Version: Where To Buy A New Sl-c3200
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I wonder where could I find a NEW Zaurus SL-C3200. Pricejapan where I bought my last one looks like doesn't sell any more. Any suggestions to find a NEW one?.

I meant a japanese one, a SL-C3200 coming with the original japanese ROM. I'll see if I can ask trisoft for a "clean" one smile.gif
conics and pulster only sell used ones, and yahoo japan doesn't show sellers of new units

... I keep searching...
QUOTE(moi @ Apr 9 2009, 05:29 PM) *
conics and pulster only sell used ones, and yahoo japan doesn't show sellers of new units

... I keep searching...

There is reason for that. Sharp ceased making the entire Zaurii line so, unless you travel to Japan and explore the small hole-in-the-wall electronics shops there I highly doubt you will find a new one. I do wish wish you luck on your quest, though. wink.gif
I knew that, and that's why I hope someone points to a place with stock zaurii. Not many months ago came to the forum a bunch of new SL-6000 in France.

TIA, and I'll let you know if I find anything, just in case someone's also interested.
The link to Trisoft-the red banner says 'Archive-device no longer available' (Boo!)
So I think you may be out of luck.
I think you'll just have to wait and hope a mint condition one comes up. Most Z owners tend to love theirs, so they are rarely abused (that said, I bought a damaged one from a guy who accidentally dropped it off the roof of his house!)
Anyone who wants to buy a Zaurus C1000 or C3200, please email me and we can discuss what unit you need (used/refurb/new), we still have some stocks. Prices offers welcome, Chris

Sharp Zaurus Shop
There's a shop in Akihabara in Tokyo that used to have a decent stock of Zaurii - basically unused but officially second hand, presumably remaindered stock. I haven't been there in a while. It's where I got my (now sold) 3100.
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