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Full Version: Zaurus Sl-c 3200
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hi just like to mention that some web sites say don`t mess about with the micro drive in your zaurus or you will be left with a paper weight me being me and wanted to see inside my zaurus I took it to bits formated the micro drive which fits into a cf card reader and formatted it I manually partitioned it into three partitions like you do with P.C`s using ubuntu 9.04 and qtparted and tried to install backtrack 3 final to it following the info on installing to hard drive but when I fitted it back into my zaurus it still fired up cacko from the rom flash I tried to flash the rom but still will not work has anyone else tried to install backtrack I think the problem is that it needs the comand shell to boot from micro drive the zubuntu flash update boots from cf/sd card I even tried booting backtrack from cf/sd card but this will not work please can somebody let me know if this can be done will let you all know if and when I do it.

All the best ANDY !
Unless you recompiled it yourself, Backtrack won't run on the Zaurus, as it's compiled for x86 CPUs (as opposed to the Z's ARM one).

For information on dual-booting in general, poke around in the Ubuntu/Debian sections (or search). I believe there's a thread called "multi-boot how-to" or something similar. The ZUbuntu installation thread also has a nice multiboot tutorial in it.

Hope that answers your questions.

PS- If you could break your sentences up, they'd be easier to read, likely yielding more help.
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