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Full Version: Fluxbox 1.0.0 New Package
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I needed to teach myself how to compile, and it paid off. I have Fluxbox 1.0.0 running perfectly on my Akita pdaXii13 Zaurus. This version of fluxbox is apparently faster than the 0.9 branch. Window move via ALT-LMB and window resize via ALT-RMB (that is, ALT-FN-LMB) works flawlessly.

Pixmap styles can be loaded. Also, styles seem to load much faster than for Fluxbox, which is what I was using until now.
This WM is extremely efficient and stable, plus a pleasure to look at and work with in the Zaurus. It will make your Zaurus run faster, and probably will also make you more productive (this is just a subjective opinion, though.)

The release will come later today. This is for a 2.4.20 kernel, so it should be fine for pdaXrom 1.1 Beta1, Beta3, and pdaXii13 (what I got running now.)

I got gkrellm running with full transparency ( had an issue which caused a 1 pixel frame to be rendered around it.) This setup looks great. I will post some screenshots later, and will tidy up the IPK and get it ready for distribution later today as well (made a mistake and installed to /usr/local/ instead of /usr/, so I need to repackage.)
OK, here are some screenshots. I was running an mp3 in XMMS in the background, thus the high CPU. The baseline for Fluxbox 1.0 plus gkrellm is around 12%. I am showing here a single fluxbox style, but it hasn't failed to work with any styles I had thrown at it, and styles load very fast.

Notice the transparency in aterm and gkrellm. dry.gif

(Note: Apparently, you can't embed images from photobucket in the forum, sorry for the inconvenience.)

I'll be working on repackaging the IPK, but first I got to get some sleep. laugh.gif

I might include some 3rd party styles/backgrounds, with proper attribution (of course.) Any thoughts for or against this idea? Any other suggestions?
EDIT: I just realized while testing that autorotate on screen twisting is not working. This is probably an easy change, I'll investigate.

EDIT2: It was simple enough (just adding a handler for the event in the keys config file.)

EDIT3: I was going to repackage so that the files are stored in /usr instead of /usr/local, but in order to avoid missing any references to the old path, I'm simply going to recompile. Since native compilation took a long time (4 hours) I'm going to try and find how to cross-compile. I think I'm going to look into doing it using the VMWare image. If anybody has experience that cares to share about this, please do it. In the meantime, if anyone wants the beta version IPK (which installs to /usr/local) let me know. It works just fine. I think fbsession needs to be edited to change the path though.
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