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Full Version: Microsd To Cf Adaptor
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an interesting idea this, I think I've also seen SD to CF adaptors. if the adaptor could be stripped down and used to replace the microdrive inside a 3xxx series, it might leave enough space to use the bluetooth pads on the board!
just found another variant, a 4 x uSDHC card to CF adaptor. that'd be a lot of storage space - 64GB storage in total with 16GB cards!
Holy hell, that's... awesome...
HIGHLY unlikely scenario, BUT just for the hell of it, imagine THIS SL-C future wickedness(!):

2 of these CF adapters - 1 internal, 1 external - 8 slots!
Max em out with eight 32GB cards

(click pic for article)

That's 256GB of NAND in yr pocket computer. blink.gif

I'm not advanced-savvy with RAID, but I do know even expensive server MBs don't even support 8 drive arrays, but just to further the insanity of the vision...
8 x 32gb NAND drives configured in RAID

If that microSD wifi adapter I just posted would work, and/or if SDIO can be properly resolved (again, we are utilizing suspension of disbelief x faith x insanity here rolleyes.gif )
there could be an internal wifi mod, utilize the SD slot for wifi, or free up 1 of the 8 slots for wifi.

That would be ridiculous.
Back to reality now (and getting zubuntu installed correctly on NAND would be a good first step)
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